Hello to all of you.

Im sitting in my kitchen back in Sweden, writing this story that has been going on for some time/space. The journey is still full-on but lately it has taken a puzzling turn...

In January 2017 I started biking through Portugal without money or intention of reaching any goal. Putting trust to my hearth that everything will be fine as long as I stay in the present moment.

in porto, the mooost magical city <3 very mucho love.

During the trip I needed something to entertain my creative itch, and so I began to draw. Little did I know that this “sketching-game” I played would change my journey completely.

Early sketches March 25/2017

In the end of May a feeling started to blossom inside of me. More characters entered the puzzle sheet and I understood that I was getting really good at this game. A question, or a quest, entered my vision: What if I can make this an infinity puzzle? A puzzle that never ends? Where the pieces fit together into the infinite space! And what does that even mean?

The finished puzzle

Now I know the answer and I can’t wait to share the results. Thank you brothers and sisters for being a part of this journey. Without your support this would never have happened.
The puzzlemaker / Leo Vinden Vickman

My cat loves it

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